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2017 Holy Day Calendar Information (click the links below)

Annual Holy Days for 2017

What about Local Sightings and “Potential” New Moons?

Using the Potential New Moon to Determine the Start of the Month


2017 Daily Omer Count

Omer – Daily Meditation Plan

Studying the Holy Bible in the Internet Ageinternet

Triumph Prophetic Ministries’ Bible Correspondence Courses
Is the Bible relevant in today’s fast-paced world of the internet, space age, and global problems? Does it have the solutions to mankind’s growing peril, woes, and disasters? Is the Bible really the Word of the Living Creator God to His people on earth? How can we understand the Bible? In these fascinating in-depth Bible Study Courses, you will learn many new and even controversial truths — but you can PROVE THEM in your own Bible! Click on the link above to start….

What is GOD’s REAL NAME???

God revealed His Name to Moses at the burning bush, but over the centuries its correct pronunciation has been hidden from view, lost, and today it is considered “unknown” by many and controversial by others. What is God’s TRUE revealed Name? Can we really know His Name?


In this fascinating new book by William F. Dankenbring, you will learn the TRUE NAME of God and why we should use it regularly in praise, worship, and reverence. Click here for more information!


The Mystery of Yehovah’s Holy Days REVEALED!!!


In this book, one will discover the real meaning and significance of God’s (Yehovah) annual Holy Days and how its truth is mind-boggling and awesome to contemplate. Learn how and why mankind has been BLINDED to their brilliance and profound meaning. Christians and Jews alike need to revisit the annual Holy Days and study into this amazing subject that unlocks the MYSTERY OF THE AGES! Click here for more information!


How Are the Mighty Fallen! 

This Passover season, we should think about our sins and weaknesses, and how easy it is to be deceived and misled by hypocritical and wicked leaders who prey upon God’s people.  Have you been misled and deceived?  Are you proving the validity of whom you follow and believe?  In our search for the truth, let us not allow men a “free pass” but endeavor to prove everything and hold fast to what is good and what is true, so that we worship God in spirit and in truth. Please click on the link above to read a fascinating and shocking insider account on the Worldwide Church of God, its ministers, and its late leader, Herbert W. Armstrong!